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Jean Pocket

Embroider on Our Stock or Yours


You can purchase clothing and accessories from our supplier that we will embroider for you.
Or, we can embroider on your fabric.

When asked what separates us from other embroidery shops, the answer is easy: "Customization". We offer more in-house processes than any other imprinting business within 60 miles.


Offering so many processes can be confusing to the customer, but it allows us to find the right service to fit the need and, importantly, the budget. Not everyone can afford a large setup fee associated with embroidery. We might suggest a stock design, in addition to sublimation services. Or Chenille embroidery along with standard embroidery details, which in most cases requires no setup fees.

We offer the following services:

  • Custom embroidery

  • Individual name/team heat applied vinyl

  • Custom patches

  • Letterman jacket chenille and chainstitch embroidery

  • Sewing lessons

  • Basic garment alterations


Choose from our stock:

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