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Multicolored Spools of Thread

Frequently Asked Questions

What form of artwork do you prefer?

Our first choice is vector art. Either a Corel Draw file (.cdr) or an Adobe Illustrator file (.ai) Please convert all text to curves because we don't have every font available installed. If vector art is not available then a 300 dpi graphic file in jpeg, eps, bmp, or tiff format will work. If graphic files are not available, we can also use camera ready art prints.

What is the best way to send artwork?

The easiest way is to send an email and attach the design file. Of course, you can always mail, UPS, or FEDEX artwork too.

How long does it take to get my design digitized?

The standard schedule runs 3 to 5 days for chest/hat sized designs. We say standard schedule, because certain times of the year are busier so it's not a guarantee. Jacket Back designs usually require 5 to 7 days. If you need a faster turn around time, please let us know. Rush charges may apply.

What do you charge for digitizing?

We charge by design complexity, which translates to how much time it takes to complete a design. We do not charge by stitch count so the best way to get an exact price is to email or fax us for a free quote. There is a minimum of $50 and jacket backs start at $150.

Do you charge for editing?

We revise until the design meets your satisfaction. Editing fees are applicable when changes are made to the artwork of a design. This includes color changes, adding new stitches, removing stitches, etc. $20 minimum.

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